Governors Ball

I recommended this festival in last month’s Music News in Metropolis Nights Magazine and I’m so happy I had a chance to check it out. Usually I’m skeptical about festivals, possibly because I figure they will all be like EDC: girls wearing neon skimpy outfits while indulging in MDMA, dancing to music that makes my ears bleed – but this festival was anything but.

Sure, there were rave sections (one that my best friend and I actually checked out and enjoyed – but not as much as the girl next to us, who was dancing by herself in her own little world and seemed to be having the best time you could possibly have sweating and gyrating on the front row barricade) but for the most part, it was very boho and chill.


At one point we laid on the grass and stared at the sky while soaking in Broken Bells. The music was so loud that the clouds danced! It was perfect.


This festival stood out to me for a variety of reasons.. one was the food. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much. It’s a tragedy that my phone died so I couldn’t take pictures of the enormous Nutella ball from the Arancini Brothers. For a few bucks, you got a zeppole-type pastry covered in cinnamon sugar that had the most delicious Nutella filling that melted instantly in your mouth. It was amazeballs. We continued to rave about it long after it was already consumed. #iwantmoremoremore

Not to be out done, Momofuku Milk Bar was serving delicious birthday cake truffles. I bought two extra packs to take home. So disappointed I didn’t get to try their compost cookie (a popular cookie that has chocolate chips, potato chips, coffee grounds, and other ingredients you wouldn’t expect to taste good together but apparently do) or their corn cookie! I immediately looked them up on social media and was surprised to see that they offer their recipes in a cookbook! So awesome that they allow people to recreate their favorites, even though most people would expect that to affect their profits. But then again, $2 cookies in an area where they sell basic cheeseburgers (with no toppings) for $12, it goes to show that
Momofuku is legit.

The King of Pops had great homemade popsicles that were on point after spending an hour in the sun watching Fitz & The Tantrums. I had the mouth watering Rasberry Lime and my best friend had the Chocolate Sea Salt… I hope to see them at another concert soon so I can try the Strawberry Lemonade. Perfect for a festival – and nicely priced at $3.

…which brings me to my other point, other than the $12 cheeseburger and the $30 t-shirts, everything was pretty much beautifully priced for a concert. It’s not unheard of to spend $7 on a glass of wine at a show – but the ones they gave out were in classy tumblers that stacked on top of each other if you bought an entire bottle. The food made spending $100 easy – simply because there was so much to eat, not enough time, and too much money still burning in your pocket. Only $7 for a huge container of yummy hummus and extra pita bread from Toum that was basically my dinner? I’m in!

One thing worth it’s over priced-ness? Beecher‘s Macaroni & Cheese. I’m a HUGE Mac & Cheese snob – and this one delivered. The $10 made me skeptical, but the cheese is homemade and totally worth it.

Also, I have found the best light, refreshing beverage for summer, coconut water & white tea :

Even with the (amazing! finally!) free water stations, I bought all 3 flavors because it was so rehydrating that I didn’t feel sluggish once.

Another thing that stood out to me was that there was literally no police presence whatsoever. We didn’t see any security guards or NYPD around, once. That being said, the vibe was so good that there didn’t seem to be any ‘supervision’ necessary. Perhaps other events should take notes – if you don’t treat people like criminals, they won’t be inclined to act like one. The freedom to chill out, drink, and partake in whatever extracurricular activities people were involving themselves in allowed people to just…be. I wondered to myself how amazing it would be if when Jack White came on, we all just sat and watched him, lighters in the air, phones down, enjoying the view.



My favorites acts:
1. Jack White (epic!)
2. Fitz & The Tantrums
3. Broken Bells
4. The Strokes
5. Spoon

I will be reviewing the musical acts in the next issue of Metropolis Nights Magazine, so look for it when it comes out in July!

Overall, Governors Ball is what music festivals should all be about: getting people together to enjoy music, and hopefully not because you’re on mind-altering substances. The live music spoke for itself, and the chill-ness of it all made me feel like I was among my own kind. I definitely plan on going next year, but this time I’ll go all 3 days instead of one. It’s not to be missed!



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