Wedding Details


Our wedding rings atop my wedding bouquet: purple calla lilies, gold-tipped roses, and white roses.


Our wedding bands, created by the amazing Richard Seylaz. Both are engraved and mine has notes of my birthstone, sapphire.

0031-2Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.


My cousin had this charm made for my bouquet. ❤



Our Ring Girl / Junior Bridesmaid, Amaya, held our rings inside a book instead of on a pillow.


I made this shadow box of pictures of my father and I in remembrance of him. The champagne in the cooler was my father’s that my uncle gave me. It was kept safe at my uncle’s for years and years, and then when he gave it to me, I kept it safe in my fridge – anticipating opening it at my wedding. I had a change of heart and decided to not pop it open. This is one of the few things I have left of my father’s and I wasn’t ready to part with it just yet. After the wedding, I reused the shadow box to put wedding momentos in it, like our save the date, invitation, our wedding Photo Booth strip picture, the charm from my bouquet and the cake knife set.



One of the things that made my MOH (maid of honor) stand out from my bridesmaids was that she had Birds Of Paradise in her bouquet. Birds of Paradise are a very exquisite flower and when the bulbs bloom, the orange flower looks like a bird in flight. We couldn’t find any on the East Coast, so friends of mine from California brought them to us.


My centerpieces were white, purple, and magenta calla lilies and branches in a slim vase. Each table had a piece of literature in a frame next to the vase.



 For one of our favors, we gave out CDs with our ‘personal soundtrack’.


0949 Jim’s favorite candy is honey sticks – little sticks of pure honey that are flavored. He used to have them all the time while spending summers at the beach as a child. We decided to order 20 different flavors for our guests to take home with them.


Instead of using seating cards, we bought a vintage typewriter (it still works!) and typed up the seating placements.



Our caketopper was the FIRST thing I bought once I started wedding-planning. I wanted a personal one for our wedding, truly depicting what Jim and I love: books (me) and music (Jim).  I am holding a sunflower on top of a book, while Jim is playing his Fender Stratocaster I bought him for Christmas. You can’t see it, but on the back is our dog Shady. It looks just like him too! We kept our cake white and plain, with just a few flowers, so it wouldn’t clash with our main focal point: the topper.


Another thing I loved: our personalized gold cake knife set – the handles are branches with leaves.

From our save the dates (replica concert tickets) to the details in our wedding, I believe all the small things were very much US. 



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