1. I’ve been obsessed with Mario Badescu’s DRYING LOTION since I was introduced to it years ago – and it’s saved me from a lot of embarassment by eliminating breakouts overnight. The secret ingredient in this is the calamine lotion! You use it by sticking a Q-Tip in the layered mixture and dabbing your blemish, leaving it on overnight. Totally worth the price but keep in mind: keep the bottle upright, as when you stick a Q-Tip in it, it needs to go through the oil to the calamine in the exact order the bottle displays. DO NOT MIX OR TURN ON IT’S SIDE. I can’t explain why it doesn’t work as well when it’s mixed, it just doesn’t.

2. I got Tarte’s FLUSH CHEEK STAIN as a sample from Sephora’s Beauty Insider club, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Just goes to show you how well those customer-incentive programs work, because I would have never went out and looked for ‘cheek stain’ – as I barely wear blush. Now, I can’t imagine a night out without it on!

3. The Fred Segal Perfume Blend Kit serves many purposes – you can use an individual roll-on as a ‘keep in your purse perfume’, or you can mix and blend the 10 scents to make your own scent. My favorite blend was Epicure + Musk. Floral #1 also received many compliments. I enjoyed ‘playing mixologist’ but I eventually just wore them alone.  Epicure remains my absolute favorite!

4. With EOS’s Shaving Cream, you can shave with wet OR dry skin! No further explanation necessary.

5. I was weary of buying a face lotion from Trader Joe’s, but I ran out that day and figured since I was already there food shopping, I would skip an extra trip and try their lotion out. Glad I did. It’s PERFECT. Leaves your face feeling moisturized, but not oily. Not to mention it doesn’t have all those chemicals like other facial lotions.


6. LUSTRE by Lush is a must-have for a sexy night out with your boyfriend or a wild night out with your girls. A gold, shimmery powder to brush on your skin, it leaves a nice glow to show off.

7. As someone who definitely cannot afford to spend tons of money at Sephora every month for my everyday-makeup, Nars LAGUNA BRONZER is the one consistent splurge I allow myself. At $34 it’s a hefty price, but totally worth it. It usually lasts me 2-3 months – that’s an investment I don’t mind buying into.

8. COCONUT OIL. So much more than people think it is. You can literally do EVERYTHING with it. I have used it as hair conditioner and eye makeup remover, but my favorite experience was when I was oil-pulling (for the few weeks it lasted). Oil-Pulling is when you swish raw/organic/unpasteurized coconut oil through your teeth for 20 minutes. Within a week you will see an improvement to your teeth, gums, and overall mouth health. Seriously, google all of the uses of coconut oil and pick up a jar next time you pass by one. If you’re going to do the oil pulling though, make sure you spit the remnants in the garbage and not down any drains because it’ll clog.

9. I’m not a big fan of Aussie products, but I do swear by their 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. I have been using it since high school, and it’s never failed to break through the most impossible knots and tangles. That reminds me, I really need to pick up a bottle…

10. Another splurge I allow myself… Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. This sea-salt spray has made for some tremendous waves in my normally pin-straight hair. For the times I can’t afford to spend $23 on a bottle, I’ll get sea-salt sprays from other (i.e., cheaper) brands. A friend of mine actually makes her own, by collecting (clean) ocean water from the Jersey Shore and mixing it with spray gel. Either way, sea-salt spray is definitely a must for summer – it gives off the illusion that you walk around with surfer-girl hair.

BONUS: Organix products are a must. My new favorite is their Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s completely rejuvenated my hair since I got ombre highlights, which dried out my virgin locks from the bleach. It’s a lifesaver!



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