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I’m sure we all have our own variations on what the meaning of life is…to me, the meaning of life is to achieve true internal peace.

Peace with your surroundings, your significant other, your family, your friends, your children, your career…but most importantly, peace with the person you are. Nothing can impact you as personally as the war you fight within yourself. The battle between your brain versus your heart: Am I a good person? Am I making the right decisions? We are all human, we all make mistakes, and there is always time to change. At the end of the day, your body (your heart, your brain, your soul) is a temple, a vessel, and you have it in you to do remarkable things. If you can be alone and spend time with yourself, and actually enjoy it…you have achieved internal peace.

Meditation is beneficial with this – by sitting in your own silence for a short time a day, you give yourself the ability to take a ‘time out from reality’ and ‘get back to your roots’ by clearing out your conscious. That allows you to focus on YOU: your breathing, the scents and noises around you, and it really gives you the opportunity to sit still and chill. This too allows you the chance to find peace.

Of course, life is a journey, not a destination, so in one sentence I would say that the meaning of life is just to enjoy the ride. If you don’t, you’re only wasting this life-long experience on Earth for yourself – and who knows what’s next?

& I’m great…I’m focused 🙂 Thanks for asking.


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